Ambedkar Jayanti

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People also know Ambedkar Jayanti as Bhim Jayanti and it is celebrated on April 14 each year in India. This day celebrates the birth of the iconic Shri Ambedkar and since the year 2015 it has been declared as a public holiday across the nation read more.... Dr.B.R.Ambedkar needs no formal introduction as he was a renowned economist and politician. His birthday is celebrated in 65 countries other than India as he was indeed a very popular man. He was born in the year 1891 and did many notable works in his life. He campaigned against the discrimination carried towards the untouchables in the society and he also initiated the Dalit Buddhist Movement. Mr.Ambedkar was also awarded the Bharat Ratna award which was only another feather in his hat. He was an iconic man and his birthday is definitely worth celebrating and thus people send out text and SMS reflecting their respect for Mr.Ambedkar. show less...

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