SMS Quotes

There Is Nothing More Galling To Angry People Than The Coolness Of Those On Whom They Wish To Vent Their Spleen.
Hansi Ne Labon Pe Ana Choor Dia Hai,
Khawabo Ne Palkon Pe Ana Choor Dia Hai
Aati Nahi Hain Tab Se Hichkiyaan Bhi
Aap Ne Jab Se Yaad Karna Choor Dia Hai.
The Angry Wife Met Her Husband At The Door. His Breath Stunk Ofalcohol And His Face Was Plastered With Lipstick. I Assume, Shebarked, There Is A Very Good Reaso...
Do Not Teach Your Children Never To Be Angry; Teach Them How To Be Angry.
A Wife Comes Home Unexpectedly One Day And Finds Her Husband In Bed With A Lady Midget. Upset And Furious Over His Actions, The Woman Screams, You Promised Me T...
Never Get Angry. Never Make A Threat. Reason With People.
Sit With Me When
I Am Angry
Talk To Me When
I Am Sad
Cry For Me When
I Am Dead
Don't Forget Me
When I Am Alive!...
Anger Is The Only Evil Which Makes Love Invisible For A Minute. And Love Is The Only Suspicious Thing Which Is Visible Even After Anger.
When A Man Sends You An Impudent Letter, Sit Right Down And Give It Back To Him With Interest Ten Times Compounded, And Then Throw Both Letters In The Wastebask...