April Fools' Day

SMS Messages

All Fools Day or April Fools Day is celebrated on 1st day of April every year. On this day pranks, jokes hoaxes are spread to friends, neighbors or family members to fool others which are harmless read more.... Both the victims and the jokes are defined as April Fools. On 1st of April if one is not alerts then through 'sms' or text messages one is bound to be a victim of being a April fool or the other way round by making others the victim of April fool. There are several magazines and newspapers circulate false stories which are never true. If one is alert with those news it will be easy to find below the news which says that the story is just made to celebrate the day next to 31st March ie 1st April Fool's Day. In 13th century in Canterbury Tales, Geoffrey Chaucer was the first one to be associated with the foolishness on 1st April. 1st of April 1698 in London people were severely fooled to go to the Tower of London just to watch the 'lions were watched'. show less...

In The Glow Of The Dawn,
Welcome A New Day,
Greet The Golden Sunlight Or Rain,
Nature In All Its Subtlety.
Whip Of The Wind,
Earth Unfolds,
Softly Falling...
An Altered Look About The Hills;
A Tyrian Light The Village Fills;
A Wider Sunrise In The Dawn;
A Deeper Twilight On The Lawn;
A Print Of A Vermilion Foot; ...
One Swallow Does Not Make A Spring,
Nor Does One Fine Day.
Sardar Got Into A Bus On 1st April When Conductor Asked For Ticket. He Gave Rs.10/- And Took The Ticket And Said April Fool. I Have Pass....
Yar Me Suna Ha K 32 March Ko Parliament Gira Rhe Hain.
Magar Yar 32 March To Hota Hi Nai.
Happy April Fool Day....
Plz Call Me, Its Urgent. Ek Accident Ho Gaya Hai. . . . . . Aap Ka Hi Blood Group Chahiye, Plz Mana Mat Karna . . Warna . . Gadha Mar Jayega...
Dropped Off
Body And Mind -
Weeding New Cuttings.
If U R In Tension,
If Nothing Seems Right,
If U Find No Way Out,
Then Just Think Of Me Only Once,
I Vl B Alwyz There 2 Increase Ur Tensions....
I Smile, Of Course,
And Go On Drinking Tea,
Yet With These April Sunsets, That Somehow Recall
My Buried Life, And Paris In The Spring,
I Feel Immeasurably A...