Happy Birthday


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Birthday is a day when a person or an institution celebrates it first origin on the planet. This is also called birth Anniversary read more.... Birthdays are celebrated in various ways. It can be through gifts, various cultural occasions and also through just wishing one another through beautiful heart filled SMS, words or a letter.Birthdays mark the age of a child whether he or she is a child or an adult. Birthdays which mark sweet sixteen or eighteen or 21 are celebrated with a lot of fun, food, music, parties and even through a lot of other benevolent works like donating useful things to the poor. In most part of the world on this day the birthday boy or girl cut the cake which is followed by a song and then other fun filled activities take over. The cake is fixed with a number of candles and the number depicts the age of the birthday person. show less...

Birthday girl, today's your day! Time to eat cake, sing songs, and play! There are so many ways to have birthday fun-Here's hoping you get to do every one!
Happy, Happy Birthday!
I'm So Glad That God Gave Me A Son Like You.
I'm So Proud To Have You As A Son.
I See A Little More Of Me In You With Each Passing Year.
No Matter How Many Birthdays Come And Go, You'll Always Be My Little Boy.
Happy Birthday Son.
It's your day to celebrate! It's your day to cheer! Now you can eat more birthday cake than you could hold last year! Now you can laugh louder and enjoy it even more-'Cause this is a bigger birthday Than you've ever had before!
Happy Birthday
No Matter How
Many Birthdays
Come And Go,
You'll Always
Be My Little Girl.
Happy Birthday Daughter.
Sis, thinking of you
with love on your birthday
and wishing you
everything that brings
you happiness
today and always!
Happy Birthday Sister
I hope your day is special
just like you!
It's your birthday, and you know what that means-
You're another year older and another year cooler. Have 365 Days of Fun!
Age is all but a number.
Age does not matter,
you can party as much as you want.
You're aged to perfection.
Wishing you a happy and prosperous birthday.
Before the clock strikes twelve let me take the opportunity to let you know that you have grown a year more...
Happy Birthday...
On your birthday,
I would like to give you
some words of wisdom
Smile while you still have teeth.
Many many happy returns of the day