SMS Wishes

I Am Not Stupid, I Am Blond!!! B - L - O - N - T
The Patrolman Was Sitting Behind The
Billboard Eating A Donut When He Saw A Blonde
Running By With A Bicycle.
He Stopped Her And Said, Miss, Why Are You
Your Mother Uses Your Fathers One
Your Aunt Uses Your Uncles
Your Grandma Uses You Grandpas
Your Sister Uses You Brother In Laws
Guess What Is It??
A Blonde Ordered A Pizza And The Pizza Guy Asked If He Should Cut It In Six Or Twelve Pieces.
Blonde Repliessix, Please. I Could Never Eat Twelve Pieces.
Announcement In A College...
Students Who Have Parked Their Vehicles In The Front Of D Gate
Plz.. Move Their Vehicles 2 The Parking Area!!
After 30 Min Anot...
Blonde - My Life Sucks :'(
Brunette - Why So?..
Blonde - My Boyfriend Dumped Me :'(
Brunette - Think About The People In Africa Who Don't Get Food For Weeks ...
Q: How Many Blondes Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb?
A: 2. 1 To Hold The Diet Irn-bru And The Other To Call On 'daddddyyy'
Sardar Found A Cigaret In Daughter's Room
O God! She Smokes?
Den Found Wine,o God! She Drinks?
Den Saw A Boy Thank God! All His Things.
What Is Big In Ladies, Small In Girls
And Not There In Babies???

The Letter L

What U Thinking..?? Dirty Mind