Break Up

Break Up

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She Broke His Heart And Yelled Out To Himyou Have No Life, Go Away!he Stood There In Agony, And Whispered..but U R My Life.. :(...
Boy: I Know I Hurt You More Than You Deserve
Girl: And I Know The Reason
Boy: What Is It..?
Girl: It's Just Because I Loved You More Than You Deserve ..!
A Great Quote About Love And Life:we Don't Stop Loving Someone ..we Simply Learn To Live Without Them
I Cry Because I Know
She Doesn't Feel The Way I Do.

I Cry Because I Think Of
How Pathetic I Am


I Cry Because...i Think
I'll Be Crying Forever......
You're Right, I Am A Lying Whore. I Lied, Size Does Matters.
If You Broke Heart Any One. One Day Your Own Heart Will Broke Some One. Than You Know The Pain Of Broke Heart.
Some Broken Heart, May Never Mend, Some Memories May Never End,some Wet Tears May Never Dry, But My Love For You Will Never Die...
An Inspiring Fact:

If You Can Still Smile
When U R Completely Broken Up,
There Can B Nothing That Can Break U Next Time!...
It Pains Inside But I Never Said A Word,
Always Said I Love You But You Never Heard,
Louder Than Thunder Was Scream, When I Cried,
Still You Went Away No Mat...