SMS Quotes

A Young Man Asks A Kind Priest: Father Is It A Sin 2 Sleep Wid A Gal?

Father: No My Child But D Problem Is Tat U Guys Never Sleep.
From Mon To Sun, From Jan To Dec,
From Birth Till My Death, My Feelings 4 U
Have Never Changed.

For Me, Youve Always Been
A Headache !...
You Are A Ghonchu..
O-ne In Million
Zyada Khush Mat Ho, Hai To Tu Ghonchu Hi...
I Have The I.i Have The L.i Have The O.i Have The V.i Have The E... So Pls
Oops! I Lost My Mobile Number! Could I Have Yours?
Be Careful
A Gal Tells U That
She Loves U
From The Bottom Of Her Heart.
For This May Mean
That There Is
Still Enough Space
For Another Boy
On Top!...
Maths Teacher Asked Johny
"if U Have 12 Chocalate And U Give 5 To Dona,
3 To Alice And 4 To Roma Then What Will U Get ?
Johny Replied "sir! 3 New Girl F...
The Car In Which 4engineers Were Travelling Suddenly Broke Down.
1mechanical:-the Gearbox Must Have Broken.
2chemical:-the Problem Lies With The Composition O...
7 Glances= 1 Smile
7 Smiles =1 Meeting
7meetings= 1 Kiss
7 Kisses= 1 Proposal
7 Proposals=1 Marriage
And That Bloody Marriage Has 777777 Problems...