Eid al-Adha

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Islam is perhaps the only festival that has the least festivals to celebrate, to be precise only two. Eid means a happy celebration and Islam observes two Eid's, namely Eid-Al-Fitr and Eid-Al Adha read more.... Eid-Al-Fitr is celebrated on the last day of the holy month of Ramadan, which is the fasting month for the Muslims. After fasting door 29 days on the first of Shawwal Muslims do not fast and after offering prayers they celebrate with their family and friends. Though Eid-Al-Fitr is celebrated on 1st of Shawwal, yet since Islamic calendar is also a lunar calendar, that date changes throughout the year. On the 29th of Ramadan at night if the moon is seen the next day is considered by the Muslim community as 1st of Shawwal and in case on the 29th of Ramadan the moon is not seen then one m more day fast is kept and the next day is officially Eid-Al-Fitr. show less...

On Eid Ul Adha, Wishing That Your Sacrifices Are Appreciated And Your Prayers Are Answered By The Almighty. Have A Blessed Eid Ul Adha!
My Wish For You On This Eid, My Peace And Joy Embrace Your Life, And Stay On This Blessed Day And Always. Ameen! Eid Ul Aldha Mubarak!
Eid Mubarak To You And Your Family. May The Guidance And Blessings Of Allah Be With You And Your Family.
May Allah's Blessings Be With You Today And Always. Eid Ul Adha Mubarak.
May The Divine Blessings Of Allah Bring You Hope, Faith, And Joy On Eid-ul-adha And Forever. Happy Eid Ul Adha.
Eid Mubarak, Wishing You And Your Loved Ones A Blessed Eid!
Make sure your food is good halal and bought with halal earnings, and you will be one whose prayers are answered.
Be content with what Allah has given you, and you will be the richest of people.
Flowerful Morning.
Colourful Noon.
Joyful Evening
Peaceful Night
Wish u a Fantastic month ahead..!!