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An Exam is a test or assessment which is conducted in order measure the skill, aptitude or knowledge on any topic of the test giver as well as the test taker. The exam may be conducted verbally or may be written and for attending the test one should be properly prepared on the specific topics or subject or matter read more.... The type of examination varies. It may be a closed book test or can be an open book test. In closed book examination individual whoever is appearing for the test have to rely on the memory only and in open book exam, he or she can take the help of more than one book or even calculator for calculations. There are formal examination or informal examination. The test which is conducted at home by parents or home tutor is informal and test conducted in school, college or university are formal examinations. The result of for formal examination matters a lot for future endeavor. show less...

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Zindgi Ka Rukh Mod Dengesari Bandishe Tod Dengeye Examjese-tese Nikl Jae Yarnext Exam Me To Pakka Record Tod Denge. --:
Whats D Difference Between Ppl Who Pray In Temples And Ppl Who Pray In Exam Centres? Those In D Exam Centres R D**n Serious..
Aye Sala Abhi Abhi, Hua Yakin,padai Merr Bas Ki Nahin.kitab Ko Me Nikal Gaya Padtwe-padte Pigal Gaya,paper Me So Gaya, Rubaroooooooo
Cricket Is Getting Excited Day By Day With The Introduction Of Icl N T20...same Rules Should Be Applied In Examz!(1) Exams Timing Should Be Reduced To One Hour....
New Film Going To Released After Exam:>tension Aaj Kal.>pack Up Sid.>wanted 35.>passing Dreams.>ajab Syllabus Ke Gajab Papers.>marks Mile.> 3 Failur...
Exams Are Like Girl Friends
- Too Many Questions
- Difficult To Understand
- More Explanation Is Needed
- Result Is Always Fail! :d
80% Of The Final Exam Will Be Based On
..the One Lecture You Missedandthe One Topic You Didnt Read.

I Found D Perfect Example For Newton's3rd Law Every Time I Open My Buk My Eyes Close Automatically. Newton Is Great