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Its So Strange That The Indian Question For Being In A Relationship And Being In The Hospital Is The Same...everyone Asks - Serious Hai Kya?
Two Fools Talking To Each Other.
1st Fool: Tell Me What Is In My Basket, I'll Give You The Eggs In It If You Tell How Many Are There, I'll Give You All The 8 E...
Fact1: You Can Not Touch
Your Lower Lip With Your Tounge

Fact2: After Reading This,
99/100 Idiots Would Try It.
Hey You Know
Which Is The Best Day To Propose A Girl.. April 1
Yes April 1 Know Why??
If She Accept Its Your Luck
Otherwise Just Tell April Fooooo...
A Day Will Come

A Day Will Come

When Whole World

Ur Name

Ur Fame

Your Personality

Your Thoughts

Your Views

But Keep In Mind

April Fool Co...
O Fool You Are The Most Beautifool, Wonderfool & Wolorfool Among All Fools
Think U R Sitting In Front Of Computer, What Wil Computr Think?

Intel Inside Mental Outside Think U R Sitting In Front Of Computer, What Wil Computr Thi...
I Wan't You To Know That Our Friendship Means A Lot To Me. You Cry, I Cry. You Laugh, I Laugh. You Jump Out Of The Window, I Look Down And Then I Laugh Again.
This Dog Is A Good Dog Way Dog To Keep An Fool Dog Busy Dog.

Read This Again Without Dog.