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Friends are those who possess a very good and mutual understanding among themselves without any sexual or any other commitment. Friends are those who have the strong bond among themselves no matter what. A true friend shares few basic strong characteristics like strong bond, kindness, love, affection, empathy, honesty and compassion read more.... Researchers say that true friends are always happier than friends who are into some commitment. Friends share a true interpersonal bond which is interpersonal and which demands to understand. There are no particular rules on which a friendship can be built. Two. three, four or many individuals can really be good friends when they share the same wavelength, same thought process or may be same backgrounds or occupations. Friends are those with whom one can share everything without any inhibitions. Friendship does not have any boundary. A true and genuine friend will always be there beside each other no matter what happens. True friends wake up in the morning and share good, positive and inspiring SMS so that they feel good about themselves and their entire day becomes more fruitful. show less...

We All Have That One Frnd, Who Gets Emotional On Every Small Matter.
Fake Friends Believe In Rumors Real Friends Believe In You.
It Is Better To Live Alone. There Is No Friendship With A Fool.
Friendship Is The Only Cement That Will Ever Hold The World Together.
The Language Of Friendship Is Not Words But Meanings.
True Friendship Is When You Walk Into Their House And Your Wifi Connects Automatically.
Friendship Is Always A Sweet Responsibility, Never An Opportunity.
Only A True Best Friend Can Protect You From Your Immortal Enemies.
Friendship Doubles Your Joy And Divides Your Sorrow.