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Funny is to mean to provide fun and laughter to anyone in front of the one who can make others laugh by simple words of fun and amusement. Like Mr read more.... X is the funniest man in Macedonia. The word funny can also be used like weird, unusual, strange or may be something which is difficult to explain, like, ' it is funny that kids are so quiet' or 'It is funny that I cannot find the 500 rupee note which I had kept in my purse. Sometimes 'funny' is such that it depicts something which is not honest or right. Like ' there is something very funny, whatever is going on'. If any strange thing happens we normally describe it as a very funny thing. If you feel unusual in some parts of the body then it is a funny feeling. From Morning till night we keep on receiving funny SMS in our mobile which sometimes makes us happy and sometimes makes us sad due to the strange and weird words used within those SMS. show less...

Define Twilight....

The Story Of A Desperate Chic Who Cant Decide Whether To Losw Her Virginity To A Dog Or To A 108 Years Old Virgin Vampire.
Yo Mama So Fat When She Went To The Movies She Sat Next To Everyone
A Man In A Hotel Accidentally Bumps Into A Woman Beside Him And,his Elbow Goes Into Her B****t
The Man Turns To Her And Says, If Your Heart Is As Soft As Your ...
'reality Of Life': Har Insan Itna Kharab Nhi Hota Jitna Vo
Aadhar Card Me Dikhta Hai.
Itna Accha Bhi Nhi Hota Jitnafacebookpar Dikhta Hai.....:)
Beautiful Quote..

There Iz Nothing Greater Dan Parents In Dis World.

So Go Get Married Fast And Bcome Parents.

Think Different

Do Different:-.....
Girlfrnd: Do U Love Me?

Boy : Ofcourse Darling I Do

Girlfrnd: Will U Love Me After Marriage Also?

Boy: That Depends On Your Husband, If He Allows Me ....
Once Rajinikanth Pencil Broke While Giving The Cat Exam.
Then Onwards,
Cat Was Online... :)
Q:- Can You Name The Fitness Freak Hollywood Actor Who Carries All His Body Building Machines With Him To Wherever He Goes??
A:- Gym Carry.
Teacher: What Is The Difference Between A Creditor And Debtor?
Student: A Creditor Has A Better Memory Than A Debtor Does.