Gurpurab 2018


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Gurpurab is a mixture of the religious and the festive, the devotional and the spectacular, the personal and the communal. A gurpurab in Sikh tradition is a celebration of an anniversary related to the lives of the Sikh gurus read more.... This is the anniversary of a guru's birth or death, marked by the holding of a festival. It is not just one day, but many days as inscripted in the Nanakshahi calendar as the birth anniversaries of Guru Nanak, the first guru, and Guru Gobind Singh, the martyrdom days of Guru Arjan, the fifth guru, and Guru Tegh Bahadur, the ninth guru, and of the installation of the Guru Granth Sahib, the eleventh guru, in the Harimandar Sahib, also known as Golden Temple at Amritsar. Other important gurpurabs include Baisakhi, which commemorates the creation of the Khalsa Panth and also is a harvest festival, and the martyrdom days of the young sons of Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth guru. show less...

May Guru jee inspire you to achieve all your goals and
May his blessings be with you in whatever you do!
Best wishes to everyone on the birthday of
Guru Nanak Dev ji
Try your best to take time to say a prayer
On this special day.
WaheGuru ji ka khalsa
Wahe Guru Ji ki fateh!
Guru is aspiration
Guru is inspiration
Happy gurpurab!
Tuhannu sabh nu kalghidhar patshah de janam dihade di lakh lakh wadhayi hove.. Chidiyon sangg baaj ladaoun tabhi gobind singh .....
Guru Nanak Dev ji is first Guru and not the dasve nd we should celebrate his birthday. Happy Guru Nanak Jayanti !!!
May waheGuru
Bestow his blessings upon you
Best wishes on
Guru Nanak Dev ji's birthday.
May the teaching of the Guru reflect goodness
And compassion in you.
And bring into your life,
The glow of happiness & prosperity!
Warm wishes to you on the Gurupurab
Kissi ne pucha tera gharbaar kitna hai
Kissi ne pucha tera karobaar kitna hai
Kssi ne pucha tera parivaar kitna hai
Koi virla hi puch da hai
Tera guru naal pyaar kitna hai
Happy Guru Nanak Jayanti
Dasven Patshah Sri Guru Nanak Dev jee de janam diha sariyan nun wadhaiyan...
!!Happy Gurpurab..!!