SMS Wishes

Love is a feeling no matter what one has the right to count on someone who cares for the other unconditionally. Love involves expectation, belongingness. The person whom you love helps you be comfortable when he or she is around read more.... True love gives you peace and happiness. Love will send a sign of happiness and make one feel good. Love sometimes fills one's heart will load of expectation.Love does not always mean to be in touch with someone regularly. It means to trust the other person and to receive the same trust from the opposite person. In the first place, it means to love oneself and then only one can love others. People who are in love engage themselves in sharing lovely SMS several times a day to make each other feel better and bright. But it is not always required. True love needs no boundary. Love is universal and beautiful. No relationship can last without love. show less...

Jaise Phool Khil Jata Hai Sooraj Ko
Dekhar, Waise Hi Mera Din Ban
Jata Hai Teri Soorat Ko Dekh
Kar, Dil Main Bas Aata Hai Ek Hi
Khayal, Ke Tumse Main Shadi Karlu
Kisi Achhe Se Mahurt Ko Dekh Kar.
Na Main Tumhe Khona Chahta Hu
Na Teri Yaad Me Rona Chahta Hu
Jab Tak Jinndgi Hai Main
Hamesa Tumhare Sath Rahunga Bas
Yahi Baat Tumse Kahna Chahta Hu.
Mere Siva Tum Aur Kisi Ko Dilme Na
Aane Dogi, Kaanton Ki To Baat Hi Kya
Hai Phulon Se Bach Ke Chalogi, Tumara
Pyar Chahiye Mujhe Jeene Ke Liye,
Mujh Ko Din Raat Tera Deedar Chahiye.
Hai Zindagi Mana Dard Bhari,
Phir Bhi Isme Ye Raahat
Bhi Hai, Main Hoon Tera
Aur Tu Hai Meri, Yunhi
Rahe Hum, Ye Chahat Bhi Hai!
Yar Ke Intezar Mein Dil Bekarrar
Ho Jaye, Unke Deedar Ki Ghadi
Jaise Bahaar Ho Jaye, Hamari Bhi
Rab Se Yehi Dua Hai Dosto Duniya
Me Sab Ko Aise Hi Pyar Ho Jaye.
Once There Was A Girl Who
Felt Insecure About Her Bf's
Ex-gf Whom She Was Compared To.
Obviously The Ex-gf Is More
Talented Than Her, Maybe
Even More Good Looking..!

One Night, She Asked Her Bf,
"She's Everything That You've
Been Dreaming Of. Why Did
You Let Her Go?"

Her Bf Stopped And Smiled,
& Said: "Yes, She's Everything
I've Been Dreaming Of But You're
Everything I've Been Praying For.
How Much Can Someone Care.?
A Man Suffering From Brain
Tumour Died.. His Wife Opened
His Cupboard And Found Some
Tablets With Letter..
Take Them Dear, U Catch Cold
Easily When U Cry..!
A Couple Fighting On Phone
Girl: I Know U Dont Love Me Now
You Love Somebody Else
Boy: I Also Know Dat U Dont Love Me
Girl: I'm Breaking Up With You
Go To The.. Person Whom You Love
(Girl Cuts The Phone, And Boy
Call Her Again And At The Same
Time Girl Call Hers)
(The Number You Have Dial Is Busy)
(Girl Calling Him Boy Picks Her Call)
Girl: Who Is The Bitch You Were Calling?
Boy: Tears It Was You
Girl: Awww...
Boy: I Love You Sweetheart
Girl: Speechless
A Simple Cute Short Story:

Today, My Boyfriend Came Over
And Met My Parents.
Then He Left,
And My Dad Told Me
That My Boyfriend Loves Me.
I Smiled And Asked,
"How Do U Know?"
He Said,
Because He Looks At U
The Same Way I Looked At Your Mother.