Makar Sankranti 2018

Makar Sankranti

SMS Messages

Each year Makar Sankranti is observed on a fixed date on 14th Januray in India. This is the festival on which the Sun God is worshipped with great devotion. Whole of India oesrves this day with lot of fun and devotion read more.... This is the most important harvest festival of India. This traditional festival is observed on the day of equinox when both the day and night are equal. Just after this celebration the day time tends to increase and it is strongly beleived that sun enters the Capricorn. Sankranti is celebrated in different parts of India with different names. In Gujarat it is called Gujarat Makar Sankranti, In Tamil Nadu it is called Pongal , in Himachal and Haryana it is called Maghi. From this day onwards the days grow longer and winter starts going away. Different region of the country prepares different kind of special food which is usually cooked for this festival. On this festival each of us sends best wishes to everyone through SMS. show less...

May the sacred sun,
bless you and your Family
Happy Makar Sankranti
May The Sun Radiate
Peace, Prosperity And Happiness
In Your Life On Makar Sankranti And Always!
Tann mein masti, mann mein umang
Dekar sabko apnapan
Gud mein jaise meethapan
Hokar sath hum udayein PATANG
Aur bhar dein aakash mein apne rang.
Happy Makar Sankranti!
Celebrate this Festivity
with Sweets and Gifts
Happy Makar Sankranti.
With Great Devotion,
Fervor and Gaiety,
With Rays of Joy and Hope,
Wish You and Your Family,
Moongfali di khusboo te Gurh di mithaas,
Makki di roti te Sarson da Saag,
Dil di khushi te apneya da pyar,
Mubarak hove tuhanu Makar Sankranti da tyohar.
Mandir ki ghanti, Arti ki thali,
Nadi k kinare suraj ki lali,
Jindige me aye khushiyo ki bahar,
Apko mubarak ho sankrant ka tyohar.
Bajare ki roti, nimbu ka achar, suraj ki kirne, chand ki chandani
aur apno ka pyaar. Har jeevan ho khushal MUBARAK HO AAPKO
Meethe gur mein mil gaye til, Udi patang aur khil gaye dil,
Har pal sukh aur har din shaanti, Aap sab ke liye laaye Makar Sankranti.