Miss You

SMS Messages

When The Sky Looks Blue...
I Miss U
When The Dreams Come True...
I Miss U
When The Flowers Coverd With Dew...
I Miss U
When The Day New...
I Miss U
Days R Too Busy. Hours R Too Few.
Seconds R Too Fast.
But Ther Is Alwys A Tym,
For Me To Ask How R U? Hope
U R Fine.. Miss U
I Miss U Itna
U Miss Me Jitna
I Miss U Tabse
U Miss Me Jabse
I Miss U Tab Tak
U Miss Me Jab Tak
U Miss Me Na Janay Kab Tak
But I Miss U Marte Dam Tak
The Word 'Hello'means
H=how R U?
E=everything All Right?
L=like 2 Hear 4rm U.
L=love 2 C U Soon.
O=obviously, I Miss You!
Now This Year,
We Have Never Been This Close Before.
The Time We Shared These
Past Few Weeks Has Been
The Best Time Of My Life.
We Shared Some Laughs
We Shared Some Tears,
These Joys We Shared,
Will Last Throughout Our Years.
I Miss You So Much
You Are So Away,
Yet So Close,
Our Hearts Are Apart,
Yet They Are One.
Our Memories Are Whole,
They Keep Us Together,
Our Love Is Strong,
It Gives Us Strength.
I Miss You And
I Love You With All My Heart
Whnever I Miss U..
I Wont Luk 4 U In My Dreams..
Or Try To Hear Ur Voice
In Ur Msgs.. I Jst Put
My Right Hand Across My Chest
And Ill Feel U..
Miss U
3-2 = 1 Heart Praying 4 U,
1+1 = 2 Eyes Looking 4 U,
3+2 = 5 Senses Missing U,
4+3 = 7 Days in Week,
'I Miss You'