Motivational Saying

SMS Greetings

"A Champion Needs A Motivation
Above And Beyond Winning."
"We Promise According To Our Hopes And
Perform According To Our Fears."
Write It On Your Heart That Every Day Is
The Best Day In The Year.
No Man Has Learned Anything Rightly,
Until He Know That Every Day Is Doomsday.
"Am I Motivated By What I Really Want
Out Of Life Or Am I Mass-motivated?"
"Let What Will Be Said Or Done,
Preserve Your Sang Froid Immovably,
And To Every Obstacle Oppose Patience,
Perseverance And Soothing Language"
"Every Human Action,
Whether It Has Become Positive Or Negative,
Must Depend On Motivation."
Ideas Are Like Stars: You Will Not Succeed
In Touching Them With Your Hands.
But Like The Seafaring Man On The Desert
Of Waters, You Choose Them As Your Guides,
And Following Them You Will Reach Your Destiny.
Khwaish Aisi Karo Ki Aasman Tak Ja Sako,
Dua Aisi Karo Ki Khuda Ko Pa Sako,
U To Jeene Ke Liye Pal Bahut Kam Hai,
Jiyo Aise Ke Har Pal Mein Zindgi Pa Sako..!
"As Far As Motivation Goes,
If We Didn't Have It Before
Two Days Ago, We Definitely Found It.
I Think That Had A Lot To
Do With Why We Came Out So Strong."