Propose Day 2018

Propose Day

SMS Wishes

Storm Clouds May Gather And Stars May Collide, But I Love You, Until The End Of Time. Happy Propose Day
I Can't Imagine A Life Without You In It, I Want To Grow Old With You, Let's Spend The Rest Of Our Lives Together, Happy Propose Day.
Will U Marry Me.. I Will Love U Always, Always And Always..! Happy Propose Day.
Grow Old Along With Me, The Best Is Yet To Be. Will You Spend The Rest Of Your Life With Me ? Happy Propose Day Love.
The First Time I Saw You, I Noticed My Heart Beat Faster & The Situation Is Same For Now Maybe Im In Love With You Happy Propose Day..
I'm In A Imbalance State Of Mind What To Give You Because There Is Nothing More Beautiful & Sweeter Than You.Happy Propose Day My!
Excuse Me, Do You Have A Band Aid Because I Scrapped My Knee When I Fell In Love With You. Happy Propose Day
Set A Place For Me In Your Heart And Not In Your Mind For The Mind Easily Forgets But The Heart Always Remembers. Happy Propose Day
If Roses were Black and violets were brown
my love for you would never be found
but roses r red and violets are blue
all I want to say is I LUV U!
"Happy Propose Day"