SMS Greetings

That Relation Is The Best One, In Which Yesterday's Fights Do Not Stop Today's Love.
Cuddling In Bed And Falling Asleep Together Is Probably The Best Feeling In A Relationship!
People Who Respond To The Emotions Are The Ones Who Care For The Relationship Most.
Bandhan Rishton Ka Nahi Ehsaas Ka Hota Hai, Jaha Ehsaas Khatam Waha Rishta Khatam..!
Perfect Relationship Is Not That You Never Get Angry, Upset Or Irritated With Each Other. It's How Fast You Resolve & Bounce Back To Normal
Secrets And Lies Kill Relationships, No Matter How Careful U Are, U Will Get Caught..!
एहसासों की नमी बेहद जरुरी है हर रिश्ते में, रेत भी सूखी हो तो हाथों से फिसल जाती है।
Relationship These Days Start With Poking N Ends With Blocking.
It Takes A Lot Of Time To Create A True Relationship, But Only A Few Minutes To Destroy It.