Republic Day 2018

Republic Day

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Republic Day in India is celebrated on 26th January every year. On this day in 1950, the Constitution of India replaced the Government of India Act formed by British Government. The permanent Indian Democratic Constitution was drafted by Dr read more.... B.R. Ambedkar on 28th August 1947, was adopted on 26th November 1949 and the constitution was effective since 26th January 1950. 26th January is considered as the Republic day because on this day in 1930 Indian National Congress declared complete Indian Independence in order to oppose the Dominion Status of the British rule. Republic Day is a national holiday when all school, colleges, offices, business, markets, shops, banks and post offices are completely closed. Only hospitals, medical shops, Indian Police, military and transport department of the country works as usual. Republic Day is celebrated through the parade in the capital city, New Delhi which starts from the Rashtrapati Bhavan and goes on Rajpath till India Gate. This parade is beautified with the social and cultural heritage of different states of our country and also shows the defense capability of the country. March Past is organized by the different regimes of Army, Navy and Air Force and it the President of India who salutes to these brave men of the country. Civil and para- military forces also take active part in the parade. show less...

Other Might Have Forgotten
But Never Can I
The Flag Of My Country
Furls Very High
Happy Republic Day
Let us remember the golden heritage of
our country and feel proud to be a part of India.

Happy Replubic Day
We salute out Great Freedom Fighters
Freedom in the mind,
Faith in the words,
Pride in our hearts &
Memories in our souls...
Lets salute,
The Nation on Republic Day!
Vande Mataram
Na zuban se,
Na nigahon se,
Na dimag se,
Na rango se,
Na greeting se,
Na gift se,
Aapko "Jashne Azadi Mubarak" direct dil se...
Happy Republic Day
We the youth of India should take the pledge that till our last breath we will fight terrorism, we will protect our mother INDIA with all we have --- JAI HIND!!
Happy Republic Day
Aaj main aap se apne dil ki baat kahna chahati hoon,
Han wohi 3 alfaz jo aap sun-na chahte hain.
Wo hi 3 alfaz jo aap ke dil ko chhoo le.
Apunka pehala SMS 26th Jan Ko, ye le pakad le
Sare jahan se achcha Hindusta hamara,
Aao milke wada kare jhanda uncha rahe hamara!
-------------- Happy Republic Day -----------------
Thousands laid down their lives
so that our country breath this day...
Never forget their sacrifice..
Happy Republic day