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Romantic is a very hard and complex idea. Romantic is an idea with what one can dream and have long foresight. A romantic person is a hard core dreamer and they believe in themselves fully read more.... They love to believe and live with their heart content and they do not care what the others are saying about their views. The romantic idea does not have any practicality. People who are hard core romantic loves to believe that the world around them believes the same like them. It is not always that Romantic idea gets approval from all the corners of the world. Only like minded people accept romanticism with open arms. They best when they express love and emotions to anyone or anything. If Romanticism is not accepted then they are hurt and then feel unwanted. It is through lovely SMS or tests that any romantic person can win anyone's heart. show less...

A Candle May Melt And It's Fire May Die, But The Love You Have Given Me Will Always Stay As A Flame In My Heart.
They Say You Only Fall In Love Once, But That Can't Be True... Every Time I Look At You, I Fall In Love All Over Again.
Let The World Stop Turning,
Let The Sun Stop Burning,
Let Them Tell Me Love's Not Worth Going Through.
If It All Falls Apart,
I Will Know Deep In My Hea...
Santa Being Romantic To His Wife.

One Day God Tested Me , Erased All My Memory And Asked Do You Remember Anyone Now?
I Told Him Your Name And He Replied, I Am ...
3 - 2 = One Heart Praying 4 You
1 + 1= Two Eyes Looking For You
3+2= Five Sensesmissing You.
4+3= Seven Days In A Week I Desire You.
7+5= 12months Askin...
Red Or White
Short Or Tall
Wrapped In Silver
Not Wrapped At All
Under Covers
Inside A Box
Shapes & Sizes
Love Comes In Lots....
Its Not Ur Mistake If U Cant Read D Eyes Which Cheats U. But Its Really Ur Mistake If U Cant Read D Eyes Which Loves U.
I'm Enthralled By Your Beauty, Mesmerised By Your Charisma And Spellbound By Your Love. No Wonder I Am Always Thinking About You.
24hrs Make A Lovely Day,
7 Days Make A Lovely Week,
52 Weeks Make A Lovely Year & Knowing A
Person Like Me Will Make Ur Life Lovely.

Have A Lovely ...