With the appearance of Guru Nanak Dev ji,
The mist of ignorance disappeared and
There was the light of righteousness,
Just as darkness is dispelled instantly,
When the sun rises and stars disappear.
Warm wishes on gurupurab!
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Heartiest Wishes To You And Your
Family On This Auspicious
Occasion. May This Gurpurab
Bring Lots Of Joy And Happiness
To Your Life Happy Gurpurab All.
May The Flame Of His Love Shine, Eternally In Your Heart Waheguru, Waheguru, Waheguru, Waheguru!
The True One Was There From Time
Immemorial, He Is There Today And
Ever There You Will Find, He Never
Died Nor Will He Ever Die, Look
Within, You Will See Him There
Enshrined, Happy Guru Nanak Jayanti.