SMS Wishes

Sardar: Will U Marry Me?
Gurl: Sorry, I'm A L*****n
Sardar: Whats A L*****n?
Gurl: I Like Gurls More Than Boys
Sardar: Gimme Five.
I'm Also L*****n....
What I Did Was Foolish & Impulsive
If I Cud Take It All Back I'd Do This So Instant
I Truly Didn't Mean To Hurt You In Any Way
I'm Sorry For Hurting Yo...
Nobody Perfect... Bcoz God Makes Us To Teach Each Other
The Best Message.
Someone Wrote On The Door.
Please Do Not Enter I Am Upset.
Friends Came Smiling Said: Sorry V R Illiterate....:-)
Remember The Good Times We Had Spent Together,
And The Beautiful Future We Had Dreamt Of...
Darling I Never Wanted To Create A Distance
Between Us... Please ...
I'm Sorry To Be Smiling Every Time You're Near. I'm Sorry My Eyes Twinkle Whenever You're Here. I'm Sorry That Cupid Has Made His Hit. I'm Sorry I Love Yo...
If You Ask Me How Many Times My Heart Has Been Broken, Then Iask You To Look Up At The Sky One Night, And Count The Stars.
I'm Sorry For Blaming You...
For Everything I Just Couldn't Do�
And I've Hurt Myself By Hurting You�
There's Nothing I Wouldn't Do To Hear Your Voi...
Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry
Dont Get Confused , Sorry Means:
O-one Is,
Have A Wonderful Day...