Thank You

SMS Greetings

I Don't Think Of It As Being Another Year Older. I Think Of It As Another Year Of Having Enjoyed A Friend Like You. Thank You.
Your Wishes Were All That Was Needed, To Make My Birthday Much More Special Thanks A Lot!
Thanks Guys For The Awesome Birthday Wishes! You Guys Are So Sweet!
It Wouldn't Be A Happy Birthday Without Having Friends Like You Guys, The Wishes Much Appreciated.
Thanks For Changing My Life Completely. Beside You My Lonely Days Are Over. You Have Made My Life Happy.
Bahar aane se phle fiza aa gyi
bahar aane se phle fiza aa gyi.

Phool kilne se phle

bakri kha gyi....
Forever In My Heart, Your Words Will Echo. You Sent Me The Sweetest Message, Is What I Want You To Know. Thanks.
Thanks So Much For Your Wishes!! You Made My Birthday... All The More Special. May God Bless You All.
Thank You So Much For The Kind Birthday Wishes. You Helped Make It A Very Happy Birthday. Much Love.