SMS Wishes

A Breakup Is Like A Broken Mirror, It Is Better To Leave It Broken, Than Hurt Urself To Fix It..!
Never Cry For Any Relation In
Life Because For The One Whom
You Cry Does Not Deserve
Your Tears And The One Who
Deserves Will Never Let U Cry.
Masjid = 6 Words
Church = 6 Words
Mandir = 6 Words
Quran = 5 Words
Bible = 5 Words
Geeta = 5 Words
Sabhi Ka Ek He Updesh. 6-5 = 1
Sabka Maalik Ek
Kehena Nhi Hanuman Ji Se,,,
Ki Samasya 'Vikat' Hai..!!
Keh Do Samasya Se,,,
Ki Hanuman Ji Mere 'Nikat' Hai..!!
Aziz b "SAI" h,
Nasib b "SAI" h,
Duniya Ki bhid me karib b "SAI" h,
"SAI" ki Dua se Chalti h Jindagi,
Q ki khuda b "SAI" h,
Aur Taqdir b "SAI" h.
Wat does it mean?
Speak this word slowly again.
It means, O LORD, give
Me direction so that we
Chose the right path...
Summer Is Beautiful For Rainy, Rainy
Is Beautiful For Autumn, Autumn Is
Beautiful For Winter, Winter Is Beautiful
For Spring, Spring Is Beautiful For All,
Becoz It Is The Queen Of All Season.
Spring Is God's Way Of Showing
That After Darkness There Is
Always Light. May You Always
Look At The Bright Side Of Life.
As The Spring Has Arrived, We
Have Prepared Ourselves To
Enjoy The Bright Sun, Warm Air
And Lush Green Grass. Spring
Is The Time To Renew Your Hopes.