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This festival reflects joy and is celebrated by Hindus and Sikhs all over the nation. It is also known by the names of Baisakhi, Vasakhi and Vaishakhi. The date on which it falls usually vary from 13 and 14 April each year read more.... People send wishes to their loved ones on this day as it marks the beginning of the Sikh New Year. Other than that the Sikhs also celebrate their harvest on this day which only adds to its glory. Vaisakhi also observes the rivers of India which are considered to be sacred in the Hindu culture. People also celebrate the formation of Khalsa on this auspicious day and decorate the Gurudwaras like brides on this day. Kirtans are held and people pray to the lord all day long. It is a colorful festival and is celebrated with great enthusiasm by the people across India. It is an important day and celebrates not one but many things. show less...

I Wish You A Very Happy Baisakhi. May Wahe Guruji Accept Your Good Deeds, Bring All The Years Full Of Love And Contentment.
Khalsa Mero Roop Hai Khas
Khalse Me Haun Karaun Niwas
Khalsa Mero Mukh Hai Anga
Khalse Ke Haun Sad Sad Sanga
Vaisakhi Diya Lakh Lakh Vadhaiya.
Subah Subah Uth Ke Ho Jao Fresh,
Pehenlo Aaj Sabse Aacha Sa Koi
Dress, Doston Ka Saath Ab Chalo
Ghumne, Viasakhi Ki Do Shubh
Kaamnayein Sabko Jo Aaye Samne.
Tumko Bhi Baisakhi Ki Lakh Lakh Badhai.
Has Deyon Doston Nu Hasaan Vaaste,
Marr Java Doston Ko Manaan Vaaste,
Baisakhi Hai Khushi Manaan Vaaste.
Baisakhi Ki Vadhiyan Saare
Parivar Nu. Happy Baisakhi Dear All!
Tussi Hasde Yo Sanu Hasaan Vaaste
Tussi Rone Yo Saanu Rovaan Vaaste
Ek Vaar Rus Ke Ta Vekho Sohneyo
Marr Javange Tuhanu Manaan Vaaste.
Baisakhi Da Din Hai Khushiyan Manaan
Vaaste. Baisakhi Diyan Vadhiyan!
Nachle Gaale Humare Saath Ayi Hai
Baisakhi Khushiyon Ke Saath
Masti Mein Jhoom Aur Kheer
Poore Kha Aur Na Kar Tu Duniya
Ki Parwa. Baisakhi Mubarak Ho!!
On This Vaisakhi, Let Us Pray It
Will Be A Year With New Peace,
New Happiness, And An Abundance
Of New Friends. May God Bless
You Throughout The Coming Season!
May You Come Up As Bright As Sun,
As Cool As Water And As Sweet
As Honey. Hope This Baisakhi
Fulfill All Your Desires
And Wishes. Happy Baisakhi All!!