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The wedding is a pure ceremony in which pure intimate union of a man and a woman is concerned. The wedding is nothing but a bond of marriage which is the unique creation of Almighty who created women and men in this universe read more.... Marriage is regarded as a very sacred and natural union because it is regarded as the divine plan for all. In India marriage is considered to be very sacred and pure. A marriage bond can only be established with the mutual consent of both the male and female partners. Family comes out of marriage. In a loyal marriage permanence, love and trust are the main pillars. A wedding is a ceremony where lot of people attends and sends a strong message of love and trust between the partners. show less...

When Two People Marry They Become In The Eyes Of The Law One Person, And That One Person Is The Husband.
What's The Similarity Between Sun And Wife?...yehi K Dono Ki Taraf Ankh Utha K Nahi Dekh Sakte
Some People Ask The Secret Of Our Long Marriage. We Take Time To Go To A Restaurant Two Times A Week. A Little Candlelight, Dinner, Soft Music And Dancing.she G...
Arrange Marriage Is
While U R Walking Unfortunately A Snake Bites U

Love Marriage Is Going Near The Snake & Saying,

Kadi... Kadi... Kadi..:);)...
He: Yes. At Last. It Was So Hard To Wait. She: Do You Want Me To Leave? He: No! Don't Even Think About It. She: Do You Love Me? He: Of Course! She: Have You E...
He Darling,if You Marry Me ,
I Ll Satisfy Your Smallest Wishes.
She And What About Big Wishes..
Ha Ha Ha
The Most Effective Way 2 Remember Ur Wife's Birthday Is 2 Forget It Once.
Why Dogs Don't Marry?
A: Because They Are Already Leading A Dog's Life!
Patni-shadi K Pehle Aap Roz Gift Dete The,par Ab Nahi Dete, Kyu?golu-kabhi Tumne Machware Ko Machli Pakdne K Baad Use Dana Dalte Dekha Hai.