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The wedding is a pure ceremony in which pure intimate union of a man and a woman is concerned. The wedding is nothing but a bond of marriage which is the unique creation of Almighty who created women and men in this universe read more.... Marriage is regarded as a very sacred and natural union because it is regarded as the divine plan for all. In India marriage is considered to be very sacred and pure. A marriage bond can only be established with the mutual consent of both the male and female partners. Family comes out of marriage. In a loyal marriage permanence, love and trust are the main pillars. A wedding is a ceremony where lot of people attends and sends a strong message of love and trust between the partners. show less...

Some People Ask The Secret Of Our Long Marriage. We Take Time To Go To A Restaurant Two Times A Week. A Little Candlelight, Dinner, Soft Music And Dancing.she G...
Arrange Marriage Is
While U R Walking Unfortunately A Snake Bites U

Love Marriage Is Going Near The Snake & Saying,

Kadi... Kadi... Kadi..:);)...
When Two People Marry They Become In The Eyes Of The Law One Person, And That One Person Is The Husband.
He: Yes. At Last. It Was So Hard To Wait. She: Do You Want Me To Leave? He: No! Don't Even Think About It. She: Do You Love Me? He: Of Course! She: Have You E...
He Darling,if You Marry Me ,
I Ll Satisfy Your Smallest Wishes.
She And What About Big Wishes..
Ha Ha Ha
What's The Similarity Between Sun And Wife?...yehi K Dono Ki Taraf Ankh Utha K Nahi Dekh Sakte
Before Marriage- Roses Are Red,sky Is Blue,u R Beautiful,i Luv Uaftr Marriage: Roses R Dead,i Have Flu,dont Get On My Head, Side Ho Tu.
There Was This Guy Who Told His Woman That He Loved Her So Much That He Would Go Thruogh H**l For Her. They Got Married And Now He Is Going Thru H**l.
Patni-shadi K Pehle Aap Roz Gift Dete The,par Ab Nahi Dete, Kyu?golu-kabhi Tumne Machware Ko Machli Pakdne K Baad Use Dana Dalte Dekha Hai.