SMS Messages

Rain of summer, snow of winter
grace of autumn, glory of spring
My beauty of every season
give your heart a beautiful reason
Happy Winter Season.
The Taste Of Oranges
The Walk In Frost
The Golden Sunlight
Da Charm Of Autumn Colors
Da Magic Of Wet Red Leaves
The Warmth Of Feelings & Care
"Happy Winter"
Kashmir Ki Vadiyon Me,
Barfili Hawaon Me,
Neele Gagan Ke Neeche
Jheel Ke Kinare

Gehri Soch Me Baithe

Ranjhe Ko Heer Ne Kya Kaha
Hero Mat Bano
Jo Sweater Di Hai Pahan Le Thand Hai.
When winter comes'
snow starts to fall'
or so we hope'
when it gets cool.
But' alas'
it does not come'
with all the hopes
of so much cool.
Better luck next year
Winter Time Isz Full Of Lite
Winter Time Is Big & Brite
Winter Time Is Full Of Fun
Winter Time Has Lots Of Sun
Winter Time
Cold Wind Blows
I Wait For You
Withe Open Doors.
Here I'm Cold & Blue,
Come Sweetheart
Waiting For U.
Winter, winter, everywhere
Shows its face, its eyes, its hair
Winter, winter, freezing cold
enjoyed by many, young & old.
Pehan Lo Tum Sweater
Tumse Yehi Hy Hamari Guzarish,
Mubarak Ho Aap Sabko Sardi
Ki Pehli Barish:
Happy First Rain Of Winter.
Aaj Ek Sweater Aur Pehen Lo...
Aaj Ek Razai Aur Odh Lo... .
Aaj Ek Mufler Aur Lapet Lo...
Aaj 2 Moze Aur Pehen Lo...
Aaj Ek Kehwa Aur Pii Lo...
Aaj Ek Heater Aur Chala Lo...
Kya Pta.... Kal Thand Ho Na Ho !