SMS Greetings

Opportunities Are Like
Sunrises, Because If U
Wait Too Long, U Will Miss
Them.. - Willam Arthur
Great Lines Said By Vivekanand:
If We Both Exchange One Rupee,
We Each Have One Rupee..
But If We Both Exchange One
Good Thought,
We Each Have Two Good Thoughts!
Great Words From Abdul Kalam..
Fail Is Like Steps.
Pass Is Like A Lift.
Lift May Fail Sometimes.
Steps Will Always Get U 2 The Top.
"Life Religion Is Real
Living With All One's
Soul, With All One's
Goodness And

Albert Einstein.
I Am Thankful To All Those,
Who Said NO To Me..
Its Because Of Them I Did It
Myself..! - EINSTEIN
Coin Always Makes Sound,
But The Currency Notes Are
Always Silent..
So When Ur Value Increases,
Keep Quiet... - Shakespeare
"The True Definition Of
Madness Is Repeating The
Same Action, Over And Over,
Hoping For A
Different Result."
- Albert Einstein
Three Golden Rules From
Vivekanand.. Who Is Helping
U Dont Forget Them, Who Is
Loving U Dont Hate Them, Who
Is Believing U Dont Cheat Them!
Renunciation Is The Very Basis
Of Our True Life, Every
Moment Of Goodness And Real
Life That We Enjoy Is When We
Do Not Think Of Ourselves.
Swami Vivekananda