Custom Sender-ID

You can dynamically generate Sender-IDs before starting an SMS campaign.

API Access

In addition to our awesome web panel, we also offer an API integration toolkit.

Delivery Reports

Now you can get to know, how many of your subscribers actually received the message.

A Reliable Bulk SMS Gateway!

The social marketing media is emerging, as one of the largest business e-commerce concepts, enabling the business and marketing activities at huge level.

Everybody likes sending and receiving SMS, as it is the easiest and shortest way of communication. It tells you that you are cared and helps you in being touch with your buddies and close circle of people. In general the SMS costs less, compared to calling the people. Who will not be excited in knowing about the feature of sending the SMS at free of cost from the computer? What you need is a computer and an internet connection; now you will be connected to your friends and closed ones across the world. It has both advantages and disadvantages. It entirely depends upon you to check for the best websites in terms of usages and features. There are numerous websites offering free SMS services; no wonder, every day one such site is taking birth.

At this point of time, their objectives are questionable! What would they get in return, by offering such free SMS services? What is the use for them providing this service? If we pay close attention, then we can infer that they might get paid, via advertising other company's products, and other information in their sites. There are numerous sites in this category and no doubts, regarding the fact that these sites would be search engine optimized sites; as a result, more and more advertisers would be willing to promote their products, via such sites. Such sites would be the cheapest medium for them to promote their advertisements. Some sites doesn't stop by allowing these advertisers to use their site, rather, they allow these advertisers to send their advertisements and their promotional activities, via the SMS, which are being sent through parent SMS sites. Such advertisements would be attached at the end of the SMS.

If a person is registering in these sites for business activities, their contacts are used without their knowledge to send advertisements, other promotional activities and sometimes, even a message regarding a public happenings, or events. This would in turn irritate the person's clients, customers and other users. Such SMS websites are also creating public nuisance. Recently, even the Indian government has announced such websites to hold the services, during the 'Ayodhya verdict' in order to avoid the swirling of unnecessary speculations in the country and to cease the problems that might otherwise raise form these SMS services, i.e. by sending bulk SMS in favor to a group of a religion might harm the other group.

Some sites are also promoting illegal 'Multimedia Messaging Services' via their services. All these are done to attract enormous number of customers to use their site. If their site is listed first in the search engines, such as 'Google', 'Yahoo',… then the advertisers who have promoted their products and services through these websites would also be listed in the first place, for which they would be charged accordingly. This has not only granted an easy means to communication and ecommerce activities, but has also invited problems and controversies at an easy means! If you enjoy the former event, then it is mandatory to enjoy the latter consequences too!